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The Association shall have six categories of members:

An individual member shall be designated “Member of the Kenya Renal Association.” Full membership shall be offered to Kenyan nephrologists REGISTERED BY Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board. Full members shall enjoy full rights including the right to vie for and hold office as well as the right to vote provided they remain in good standing and are current in their annual subscriptions.

  • Members in Training : A member Training in Nephrology shall be designated “Member in Training of the Kenya Renal Association.” Members in Training in support of their application shall provide evidence that they are currently part of a designated nephrology training program, and such members should not be allowed to vote nor to hold office.

  • Emeritus Members : An Emeritus Member shall be designated “Emeritus Member of the Kenya Renal Association”. Emeritus Members shall have been members for a minimum of ten (10) years and must have made an appropriate request to the Executive Committee of the Association for cause, such as disability, retirement, hardship, etc. Emeritus Members shall be exempt from paying dues but they may choose to continue their subscription to the Association’s portal, Emeritus members are eligible to vote but not to hold office.

  • Honorary Members : An Honorary member shall be designated “Honorary Member of the Kenya Renal Association”. Honorary membership may be conferred upon any individual who has made contributions to the Association of exceptional merit, without being part of the Association. Honorary Members shall be nominated by the Executive Committee. They shall pay no dues and will receive the Association’s benefits free of charge. Honorary Members are not eligible to vote and cannot hold office.

  • Corporate Members : A Corporate Member shall be designated “Corporate Member of the Association”. Corporate membership may be extended to any corporation, partnership, foundation, society, or other organization that has contributed to the Association annually a sum determined by the Executive Committee. Corporate membership includes benefits as determined by the Executive Committee. Corporate membership shall be authorized by the Executive Committee and be recognized annually. Corporate Members cannot vote and cannot hold office. They are only entitled to attend and participate in the Association meetings on invitation.

  • Associate Members : Associate members are those who do not qualify for any of the preceding categories of membership such as professionals including medical doctors, nurses, urologists, vascular surgeons, anesthesiologists, pathologists, dieticians, pharmacists, laboratory technologists, bio-medical technicians amongst others. Associate members cannot vote and cannot hold office, but will have access to the Association’s website and educational materials as determined by the Executive Committee.

  • Non-Kenyan members : Non-Kenyan members are foreigners who do not ordinarily domicile in Kenya. These are members from foreign countries. Non-Kenyan members are not eligible to vote and cannot hold office. For them to Join they need to apply , the executive committee will decide if they can join

  • Membership Dues : Each member shall renew membership annually. Dues are paid in advance and will be considered to be in arrears after one month from the Member’s expiry date. All new members shall be liable for the full dues applicable to the 365 days from the day in which their application is accepted.

  • Automatic Termination : Membership of Members, Corporate Members and Associate Members terminates automatically when dues have not been paid for one (1) full month after expiry date, after having received a reminder in writing one month prior to expiry date, a reminder on expiry date and a last reminder two (2) weeks after expiry date.

  • Resignation : Any member desiring to resign from the Association shall submit his resignation and give one month’s notice to the Secretary and upon the expiry of the notice he/she shall cease to be a member subject to clearing any liabilities with the Association.

  • Death : If there are benefits of the deceased, they shall be worked upon and given to the next of kin who have been appointed by the member.

  • Conviction in a criminal court as a result of corruption : Fraudulent activities or any criminal act that may distort the image of the Association.

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