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Meet The Team

There are 6 main subcommittees of the Kenya Renal Association.

  1. Strategic planning and development

  2. Dialysis

  3. Transplantation

  4. Renal research and registry

  5. AKI, CKD and Nutrition

  6. Education and fellowship

  • Subcommittee on Strategic planning and development
    Chair – Prof. Seth McLigeyo Scope and objectives of the subcommittee. Review the KRA constitution and present the same for discussion and adoption to the KRA membership. Develop a strategic plan to guide the activities of the association for the coming years. To identify and pursue collaboration with organizations that will aid the KRA in meeting its objectives.
  • Subcommittee on Dialysis
    Chair – Dr. Doris Kinuthia Scope and objectives of the subcommittee. Regarding PD practice Establish PD as an acceptable and accessible mode of RRT Prepare relevant guidelines to ensure quality PD practice Propose models towards making PD reimbursable by the NHIF Regarding HD practice Prepare relevant guidelines to ensure quality HD practice Prepare relevant tools for monitoring of the HD units to ensure adherence to quality standards Propose better systems of interacting with the NHIF on reimbursements
  • Subcommittee on Transplantation
    Chair – Dr. John Ngigi Scope and objectives of the subcommittee. Engage with the Ministry of Health towards creating regulations to guide the operationalization of the expanded kidney donor program in Kenya to include both non – related live kidney donors as well as deceased kidney donors. Propose measures to make transplantation fully reimbursable by the NHIF including both pre – and post – transplant care. Come up with guidelines that ensure quality transplant practice and define referral procedures.
  • Subcommittee on Renal research and registry
    Chair – Dr. Jonathan Wala Scope and objectives of the subcommittee. Establish and maintain registries on various renal conditions countrywide Analyze and circulate relevant data emanating from the registries Facilitate research by membership on all aspects of renal medicine
  • Subcommittee on AKI, CKD and Nutrition"
    Chair – Dr. Hussein Bagha Scope and objectives of the subcommittee. Formulate guidelines on major aspects of AKI and CKD care. Formulate nutrition guidelines for various renal conditions.
  • Subcommittee on Education and fellowship
    Chair – Prof. Joshua Kayima Scope and objectives of the subcommittee. Establish linkages with various institutions and organizations that provide training and mentorship opportunities in various aspects of nephrology. Assist qualified physicians and pediatricians apply for nephrology fellowships both locally and externally. Assist local health facilities source expert mentors to help in specific areas of practice and need.
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